Profiles in Failing Upward: Cecil Castellucci


DC Comics recently announced that Cecil Castellucci will be the new writer for Batgirl. Castellucci will be taking over for current writer Mairghread Scott. Most fans will know Castellucci for what I consider her utter bastardization of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World in the book “Female Furies”. In the book Castellucci writes how the Furies and Granny Goodness are oppressed by the chauvinistic patriarchy of Apokalypse.

Say what?

To clarify, the Furies are a group of all-female genocidal warmongers, and Granny Goodness is a sadistic torturer of children. So it appears that Castellucci displays even a fundamental lack of knowledge in regards to Kirby’s Fourth World. I contend she is merely using these characters as a vehicle to tell a story about oppressed women – continuity be damned.



There is no patriarchy on Apokalypse. There never was. It is a dictatorship and literal hellscape under the absolute, unbending control of the living incarnation of evil known as Darkseid. Everyone suffers on his world, but you would never know it based on Castellucci’s writing as the book failed to characterize a single one of the characters correctly, but instead presented us with a bunch of ridiculous gender parodies.



It’s not selling well, according to the April 2019 sales numbers from Comichron, Female Furies sold less that 11k copies which doesn’t even put it in the top 150 of books sold. And that’s only a count for how many copies the retailers stocked their stores with. Who knows how many of those copies actually found their way into the hands of comic readers. After such a poor showing, most writers would be lucky to get another book, let alone to be put on a title as well known as Batgirl. So, will Cecil Castellucci show the same lack of care or knowledge that she exhibited with Female Furies? Only time will tell. Personally I hope she improves, I hope she writes a great Batgirl story, but after what I’ve seen of her work, I wouldn’t count on it.


Mr. E

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