Physical Media Still King: Comixology Abandons International Subscribers


Whether you like it or not, the Comixology you previously know is about to vanish. 


Amazon has revealed further information about how Comixology will be integrated into its other services. The internet behemoth has revised its FAQ, which includes some timetables and explains crucial aspects of the changeover. Comixology will no longer fulfill pre-orders for comic books released after February 17th; they’ll be cancelled and you will have to re-order through Amazon. In that sense, the transformation has already begun.


FAQ. What’s going to happen to my pre-ordered comics?
If you pre-ordered a book on comiXology with a release date of no later than February 16 (including), we will fulfill that order for you (even if the old comiXology website is no longer available). Pre-orders for books with release dates starting February 17 will be cancelled and you will need to re-order them. We will be sending you an email with your cancelled pre-orders and links to their Amazon page so you can easily re-order your books. Once you’ve re-ordered on Amazon, you can manage and delete your pre-orders by visiting the “Digital Orders” tab under the ‘Your Orders’ page on Amazon

The primer also states that series subscriptions would be accessible only through Amazon and that only a “limited number” of series will be carried over. If a favorite is unable to make the transfer, you will be notified. Amazon also offers the standard advice, such as how to prepare for the new Comixology app (in a nutshell: merge your accounts) and how to shop in Amazon’s comics department.



The existing Comixology app and web store will be phased out after the new gateway launches, as Amazon has previously stated. The timeline in the FAQ corresponds to Amazon’s (delayed) integration plan of early 2022. Unfortunately, this is could end up alientating many overseas subscribers and will cause headaches for them at the very least.





Physical media is still king.



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