Next DC Event Leads to Batman’s Departure from DC Comics


Since DC’s game-changing Future State, “Batman: Fear State” has been teased. There, the idea for the Magistrate and Peacekeeper 01 was born, and it has since been carried over into the current Batman series. Now that the series has underway, there have been several game-changing developments. Fear State: Alpha No. 1 demonstrated how Simon Saint and Scarecrow met and what Fear State is all about.


Much of this was explained, or at least teased, in the SDCC Batman: Fear State panel back in July, with Gotham Group editor Ben Abernathy, along with writers and artists, discussing what’s upcoming for the Caped Crusader.

SDCC 2021 | Batman: Fear State Panel | DC


Everything that transpires in the following few months will certainly have an impact on Batman’s future at DC long into 2022. We already know that after this series, writer James Tynion IV will have left DC Comics. With his departure, he’ll be laying the groundwork for Bruce Wayne to leave Gotham and a new Batman to take his place. The Fear State event will ultimately determine how and why he departs.


Another aspect of the series that should pique fans’ interest is the cast of characters. You’ll see some of the newer Bat-Relatives in addition to the usual Bat-Family members. 


But then again, this is comics after all, and everything usually gets reset after the sales begin to dip. Therefore I’m guessing that Bruce Wayne will likely return for the announced “Shadows of the Bat” event, the prelude of which will begin in Detective Comics. The solicitation for Detective Comics 2021 Annual #1 promises a moral disagreement between Dick Grayson and Bruce on whether another Arkham Asylum should be constructed in Gotham. Whether Bruce will be in the event suited up alongside Nightwing remains to be seen.


Batman #117 goes on sale from DC Comics on Nov. 11, 2021. Detective Comics 2021 Annual #1 and Batman: Fear State: Omega release on Nov. 30, with Batman: Urban Legends #10 releasing on Dec. 14.

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