New Batwoman Trailer, Same Wokeness


Last month we got the first look at the CW’s new superhero show coming out this fall, Batwoman. The show stars Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, and the new heroine of Gotham. Here is the first trailer:



The trailer was massively disliked among fans, for it’s obvious feminist agenda that it appeared to be pushing, and was massively downvoted on Youtube for likely that reason.


Today we got a new TV spot trailer, a little less agenda filled, but still the same amount of cringe. Here is that trailer:


BATWOMAN Official Teaser Trailer "Times Are Changing" (HD) Ruby Rose



In my video below I break down this short trailer, and explain what I think we can expect from this TV show when it debuts in the fall.



CW | New BATWOMAN Trailer | Same CW Woke Agenda!

Tristen Just

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