Netflix Posts a MillarWorld Trailer for New Comic Series

by Christina Juliet

The Magic Order will be Netflix’s first project after its acquisition of comic book company Millarworld last year from Mark Millar. The story involves five families of magicians who have been secretly protecting the world from unseen threats for generations. When they’re not playing at heroics, the families act as normal citizens in mundane society. Everything changes for these families when a new enemy emerges and begins to assassinate these magicians one at a time.

This series will be six issues long and will be available for sale beginning June 13 by Image Comics. Here is the series’ official trailer from Netflix.

When and if Netflix does plan to turn the comic into a TV show or film is unclear, but the streaming service could well detail plans for Netflix Original The Magic Order series around the time of its Spring 2018 release to continue the momentum from the Image comic.

The Magic Order is written by Mark Millar with art from Marvel superstar artist Olivier Coipel (Thor, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man).

The 6-issue series hits June 13th.