Nerdette’s Review: Hero’s In Crisis #7 & More Nonsense

Well it’s that time again, and Hero’s In Crisis #7 is here, and unfortunately it is still consistently disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, when this series first came out I loved it. Now… not so much. We have very stereotypical writing, repetition, and just more of the nine panel sadness that is bringing me down. 

What was so unfortunate this time (compared to it before), is the inconsistency in the art. I usually love Clay Mann’s art style, but the problem lies when they mix artists. This issue had a lot of inconsistencies in the art, which not only took away from the story, but made the comic fall flat.

In my video below, I break down the entire comic, the art, and the writing

DC Comics | Heroes In Crisis #7 | Getting Old Yet?

Tristen Just

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