Marvel Comics Introduces Gay Captain America for 80th Anniversary

Marvel Comics has announced that they intent to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Captain America with a brand-new limited series this June titled THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA, but with a special twist to celebrate LGBTQ+ “Pride Month“. Written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Dale Eaglesham, this new comicbook series will see Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) teaming up with Captain Americas of the past—Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, and John Walker—on a road trip across America to find his stolen shield. Throughout the group’s journey, they’ll discover people from all walks of life who’ve also taken up the mantle of Captain America to defend their communities, beginning with Marvel’s latest LGBTQ+ aligned character, Aaron Fischer.


In each issue of the new series, Cantwell and Eaglesham will be joined by what Marvel boasts as “a diverse lineup of all-star talent” to introduce these new shield-bearers and expand on their origins and motivations in backup stories. This “pride month pandering” will kick off with writer Joshua Trujillo and artist Jan Bazaldua and the debut of the character Aaron Fischer (above), who is called “the Captain America of the Railways”. Fischer is a gay teen who wants to protect fellow runaways and the homeless. Marvel Comics claims they are doing this because they are “proud to honor Pride Month with the rise of this new LGBTQ+ hero.”



“Aaron is inspired by heroes of the queer community: activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life,” Trujillo explained. “He stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten. I hope his debut story resonates with readers, and helps inspire the next generation of heroes.”

“I want to thank Editor Alanna Smith and Joshua Trujillo very much for asking me to create Aaron,” Bazaldua said. “I really enjoyed designing him, and as a transgender person, I am happy to be able to present an openly gay person who admires Captain America and fights against evil to help those who are almost invisible to society. While I was drawing him, I thought, well, Cap fights against super-powerful beings and saves the world almost always, but Aaron helps those who walk alone in the street with problems that they face every day. I hope people like the end result!”


Of course Alanna Smith is the impetus of this character, clearly aimed at pandering to the gay community while potentially putting off regular readers of Captain America by focusing on identity politics. Our readers may also remember that Alanna Smith heralded Marvel’s first pre-teen transgender hero last year, so this is right in her wheelhouse.  She’s also never been shy about her politics and appears to possess a special loathing for Christians or republican voters.



For those still interested, THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 arrives in comic shops on June 2nd.

Karina Smitt

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