Marvel Comics Honors Emergency Medical Workers With Comic



The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote about Marvel’s EMS project honoring medics in the city:


Comic books have the power to bring readers to tears — especially when they see themselves on the page.

It’s not something Tanika Bryant, a 42-year-old East Liberty resident who has spent almost 23 years as a Pittsburgh paramedic, ever expected to see. But there she was, uniform and all, enshrined in ink as part of “The Vitals: True EMS Stories,” the second comic-book collaboration between Marvel Comics and Allegheny Health Network.

“It means the world to me,” Bryant told the Post-Gazette. “It helps to know that someone recognizes us, especially someone as big as Marvel. To see me in it, I’m so speechless and so thankful. I’m still crying now.”

Bryant was one of three Pittsburgh emergency medical services workers who was chosen to have their stories featured in this sequel to last year’s “The Vitals: True Nurse Stories,” which was one of 2020’s most-read digital titles on


If that’s so, it’d surely amount to more audience than their superhero comics are getting now. Certainly, the subject matter is important. Even so, I still think Marvel’s not the place to do this, after all the harm they’re still doing to their superhero titles and casts. With stories so bad there, you can’t be surprised if they’ve bored people to tears. It’s too bad they won’t repair and ensure the quality of their superhero fare is as good as the biographical comic they’ve produced.



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Avi Green

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