Marvel Boasts the Return of John Romita Jr for ‘Trial of Magneto’

Marvel Comics released a new teaser image for an upcoming X-Men event, the Trail of Magneto. The event promises to “divide mutantkind” and the image gives us a look at a different costume for the Master of Magnetism, showing a much darker outfit with a coat and matching helmet, but all with white trim. The publisher promised more information next week.


But the big takeaway here may be the artist involved as the work is done by John Romita Jr., an artist who spent most of his career with Marvel, following in his father’s footsteps, but left the company and went over to DC in 2014 where he worked on Superman comics. This would mark Mr. Romita’s return to the House of Ideas. I guess they’re paying better than DC these days.


The series is set to begin in August.

Christina Wiggins

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