Mark Waid Pushes Politics Thru Tragedy in Humanoids!

In the comic book industry, we have seen a lot come our way as far as politics within the past 10 years. So when seeing this, I should not have been surprised. 

Unfortunately I was surprised.

I searched through descriptions, and interviews, only to realize that Mark Waid, and many others on this project we’re pushing their politics and ideology into Humanoids, and doing so by exploiting tragedy.

Again I shouldn’t be surprised, but even more than that I was disgusted. unfortunately older descriptions of what this comic would look like we’re very vague, up until yesterday when Mark Waid set out of tweet, of a recent interview and the picture became very clear.

In my video below I break down exactly what we can expect from Humanoids: Ignited and just exactly everything I found related to the project.

Tristen Just

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