J. Michael Stracyznski Returns to Marvel Comics to Pen Captain America

Writer and filmmaker J. Michael Stracyznski will make his return to Marvel Comics this September in CAPTAIN AMERICA #1. Stracyznski has written quite a few fan-favorite stories including AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and THORand now he’s ready to embark on a new adventure with Marvel’s star-spangled hero. Alongside artist Jesús Saiz (PUNISHER, DOCTOR STRANGE), the duo is ready to take Steve Rogers on another new adventure.


Decades ago, Steve Rogers changed the world forever. Now powerful and insidious forces are assembling to ensure he never does it again. Past, present and future collide as the man out of time reckons with an existential threat determined to set the world on a darker path at any cost.


Straczynski says, “Overall, the goal is to do some really challenging stories, some really fun stories, and get inside Steve’s head to see who he really is in ways that may not have been fully explored before. If folks like what I did with Peter in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and Thor in, well… THOR, then they should give this a shot, because I’m really swinging for the bleachers in this one!”



Check out the cover by Jesús Saiz below and don’t miss CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 when it hits stands in September. We’d ask him his plans, but he has us blocked on social media, like a truly courageous artist…

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