Is Nick Spencer Undoing Slott’s Damage to Spidey?

Hello Frugal Force in this video I discuss Amazing Spider-Man #19, but maybe even more importantly how I believe Nick Spencer is focusing more on characters than previous scribe Dan Slot EVER did. Spencer is finding a way to make the characters work within a story rather than Dan Slott’s fan fiction style of writing where the story dictated the characters behavior and damaged characters that fans have loved for decades.


Spencer has been writing some crazy Spider-Man stories, no doubt, but no matter how odd they have been, I feel readers are still getting recognizable characters and stories that are fun.

Check out my video below where I discuss this in greater detail and let me know in the comments how you feel about Nick Spencer’s run on Amazing Spider-Man


Nick Spencer Is Fixing Slott's Damage/ ASM #21 (Bringing Back Character To Characters)


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