Is Marvel Comics Abandoning Their Star Wars Adaptations?

That’s the rumor from Bleeding Coo1.


It could use more plagiarized fan designs.

Bleeding Cool reports:

Marvel Comics Cancels Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker?

Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker was to follow successful adaptations of Star Wars movies in comic book form, both past and present, and even enabled creators to introduce lines or scenes that were left on the cutting room floor or felt sadly absent (Leia hugging Chewbacca after Han died was a significant one).

However, word has reached my ears from informed sources that Marvel Comics will no longer be publishing the series. Intended to begin in June, this is how the first issue was solicited. Whatever that unrevealed story or extended and deleted scenes recreated comic book form will have to wait for another day.


Is this a sign of Disney abandoning the Disney Trilogy? I can’t imagine why they would want to do that with all of the rabid fans who can’t get enough of Rise of Skywalker material.




Heh, with fans like that, who needs a Fandom Menace? Am I right?


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