Indie Comics Showcase #196: Rift Riders, Enmity & Lucha Forever



Welcome back to another installment of Indie Comics Showcase, the weekly blog where we signal boost a few truly independent comics that are currently crowdfunding their projects, crowdsourcing their funding in some way, or just completely self-publishing on their own. Every little bit of support for these creators matters, from a single dollar pledge to the twenty-five dollar bundle, and of course the higher tiers are usually fun too! Even if you can’t back a campaign or buy a book, you can share or tweet about these projects to your friends and followers. 


On Indie Comics Showcase, we interview the creators, show off some art, and tell you how you can check out the product for yourself. Below we have some outstanding crowdfunding campaigns this week for you to learn about, enjoy, and hopefully support by backing one or more of them! Thanks for checking these out and for being the best part of Indie Comics Showcase. Let’s jump in!


Rift Riders #1
by Piper Steed

Check out the campaign page here!



Chris Braly: Thanks for coming on Indie Comics Showcase, Piper! Briefly tell us the elevator pitch for your Rift Riders.

Piper Steed: Rift Riders #1 is a 32 page, full color story about a ragtag group of friends using rifts between dimensions to travel through time and space on an endless vacation. In this issue, their fun comes to an abrupt halt when they run into a strange green “goo” that seems to have replaced their travel destination. In fact, an entire timeline seems to be missing!


Rift riders Promo Commercial- Luke Stone Studios


CB: How did you conceive of this idea?

PS: Luke and I were both sitting on incomplete ideas for time/dimension travel themed sci-fi comics. One day Luke pitched his idea to me and I excitedly told him what I had on the backburner myself. Our individual ideas were exactly what the other needed, as if it were meant to be! We’re crowdfunding under the Arrow Comics label because the story technically fits in with the rest of the “Arrowverse”. I have already been working as Luke’s editor on some of his other series and trust his crowdfunding experience.


CB: Who is it aimed at?

PS: This is an all-ages series, but obviously aimed at fans of the sci-fi or adventure genres. Just because it is all-ages, however, doesn’t mean it coddles the readers. I’m making sure to write something that I’d enjoy reading as an adult but would also be comfortable giving to even the youngest comic fans. This series would also make a great introduction to comics for anyone new to the medium, especially if superheroes aren’t really their thing.



CB: What can you tell me about your style and creative process?

PS: Despite spending my childhood writing and drawing my own comics, my real start was as an editor and art director. After working with so many different comic scripts I compiled what I liked and didn’t like about them to develop the style I now use and teach. While I have written a few ten page stories for anthologies, this will be my first full size comic.


CB: Who are you working with on this project?

PS: I’ve been working with Luke Stone for a few years now, primarily as editor for his Hybrids: Sons Of Gods series. For this project not only are we both co-creating it but our active roles are somewhat reversed – I’m the writer and he’s the editor. He’s also lettering! I also already knew John Dillard, our artist, from seeing his work out in the wild, especially that of his own series The Buckler. He blew me away with his ability to adjust his style to fit the feel of this book! This is my first time meeting and working with Edgar Tavitas, our colorist. He’s already proven himself a miracle worker with his turnaround of my alt cover with very little time or direction!



CB: What’s your production workflow like?

PS: I scripted the first five pages back in the summer of 2021, and they were released as a teaser in Hybrids #1 as a way to gauge interest. I was thrilled with the hype it created and got to work on the rest. I like having a script done before any other production starts, because we will always have that as reference and it frees me up for production as well. We redid the first five pages with the current team so we could build the campaign, and are running it while Dillard finishes other work he had in his cue before he starts on the rest of this book.

CB: What have you been learning from self-publishing through this process?

PS: The main thing I’ve learned through a few campaigns is to always have backup plans for your backup plans! Also, pay attention to the buzz and reviews of backers of other crowdfunded books. You will learn what potential backers liked/disliked about not only the books but the campaigns themselves. Don’t let backers control you, though, because it’s okay to have boundaries or principals you don’t want to compromise for their support.



CB: What are your plans beyond this book? Are there more stories to tell?

PS: Rift Riders is set to be an ongoing adventure with the mystery presented in #1 as the overarching plot tying everything together. The amount of issues in this series is limited by the amount of support it receives. If it isn’t a hit, I’ll wrap it all up in as few issues as possible but if it really takes off I have a lot of adventure in mind! Outside of Rift Riders, I personally have a few more stories I want to get out there.


CB: Any special features in this book or campaign you’d like to mention?

PS: One perk I think is rather unique to this campaign is the Arrow Comics #1s Bundle. You get the first issue of all the new Arrow Comic series, including Rift Riders of course, for an extremely low price. Seriously, there’s eight comics! Perfect perk for anyone wanting to check out the “Arrowverse”, just getting into (or back into) comics and want to see what’s out there, or is simply missing some #1s.



CB: Cool. Anything else you would like to share with our readers before we sign off?

PS: Yes! My alt cover on this campaign is the first cover art I’ve ever done, as well as a lot of others firsts. While I tend to make it sound gimmicky, it’s actually as big a deal to me as this being the first full size comic I’ve written entirely. When I was a kid one of my goals was to write AND draw comics for one of the big publishers. I was convinced to give it up to focus on more “practical” skills, so I’m a bit behind in my dream chasing. PLEASE BE GENTLE


Check out the campaign page here!



by John Aviña

Check out the campaign page here!



Chris Braly: Hey John! Tell me about Lucha Forever!

John Aviña:  Aliens, Robots and Auditions all plague retired wrestler Guillermo Diaz as he struggles to earn a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. I wanted to tell the story of a father Pursuing a career in the creative arts. It’s a very personal story and wanted to tell it my way.



CB: What kind of comic readers is this suited for and who is it aimed at?

JA: Teens and up. It’s for fans of the Incredibles and stories about getting in your own way.



CB: Tell us about your creative team and how you guys came together.

JA: Artist Mozart Eros and Miguel Silva had the same vision as I did. It’s a Latin story so the colors and texture needed to match. Mozart Eros is our artist he does great action sequences and shows the emotional beats incredibly well. Miguel Silva is an incredible collaborator and sees things the same as me, often times adding details where I hadn’t. Julio Santos is our colorist and fills the vision of our scenes. Issue one is nearing completion we are well underway to our Kickstarter.


CB: What’s your best tip for crowdfunding success?

JA: Reach out to podcasts to talk about your project. It really helps.



CB: What’s next for you?

JA: Yes this is just arc one. I have a few more stories for these characters in mind. It’s a fun story about family, chasing your dreams and wrestlers fighting aliens.

CB: Tell us something unique about your crowdfunding campaign.

JA: For me, the most exciting perk we’re offering in addition to the book is a replica mask from our main character King Midas!

CB: I may need that for Halloween!

Check out the campaign page here!




by Morgan Quaid

Check out the campaign page here!



Chris Braly: Welcome to Indie Comics Showcase, Morgan. Briefly tell us the elevator pitch for your Enmity comics!

Morgan Quaid:  Lucifer’s daughter searches the post-apocalyptic world looking for her deadbeat dad!


Enmity Comic Promo Video


CB: Where did the idea for this comic come from, and made you decide to self-publish it?

MQ: I love the idea of a mythical type figure like Lucifer getting so mind numbingly bored with his job that he just quits! The original idea started with this simple concept, and then I thought the story needed a little more heart and drive, so the daughter father relationship came in.



CB: So what kind of comic readers is this suited for and who is it aimed at?

MQ: Fans of irreverent humor and post-apocalyptic style books, as well as those that love a bit of action, monsters, etc. Books like East of West, Rumble, that kind of thing.



CB: Tell us about your writing style a little bit.

MQ: I like fast paced narratives with smart-mouthed protagonists. I usually start with a premise (e.g. Lucifer quits his job) and then start mapping out the implications of that premise until I hit something interesting and can begin fleshing out a larger plot. Anyone who’s read any of my stuff knows to expect a lot of action, some nice turns of phrase, and a whole lot of weirdness!




CB: What would you like to tell us about the campaign and your creative team?

MQ: The campaign has 4 comics and 1 graphic novel. There are 4 different artists involved in the interiors, from all over the world. Dave Swartz is the sole artist on Enmity issue 2 (the focus of this book) and he did and amazing job!



CB: Is the series completed already? 

MQ: All books are complete except for Raven Running which will be closed out a week or so after the campaign ends.



CB: What have you been learning from self-publishing and creating through this process?

MQ: It takes a lot of work, a lot of persistence, and you have to be able to manage your own emotions throughout the crowdfunding process (particularly that mid campaign depression). I think having realistic expectations and understanding that each campaign is unique and you can’t expect the same results each time is a healthy place to start.



CB: Are there more stories to tell? Will you be running another campaign for it? What are the big plans here?

MQ: Next year I’ll run a third Enmity campaign to close out the main series arc. It will be similar to this campaign, but with the volume of books available, I’ll probably look to produce omnibus versions.



CB: Any special features in this book or the campaign you’d like to mention before we wrap up?

MQ: You can get yourself drawn as a post-apocalyptic survivor and I’ll write up a bespoke bio for your character. Then you’ll end up in the back of Enmity issue 2!
I’m also running a Win Your Own Theme song competition as part of the campaign, and producing a short horror spoof film that backers can get involved with.

CB: Good luck, Morgan. It looks great!


Check out the campaign page here!




That’s it for this installment. If you’re a creator ramping up your own campaign or have a comic available for purchase online and you want to be featured in our weekly column, click here. And follow Indie Comics Showcase on Twitter at @Indie_Comics and reach out to them for more eyes on YOUR crowdfunding comic project. Until next time, support indie comics!





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