India’s Popular Superhero Comic Tackles COVID-19, US Comics Quiet


The Mumbai Mirror cites a comic from India, titled Nagraj, whose writers and artists conceived a story addressing the Coronavirus crisis:


“We don’t need superpowers to beat the coronavirus. We need to stay home.” This isn’t a quote from a Covid-19 awareness speech. This is Raj Comics’ popular superhero Nagraj, first introduced in 1986, recognising the correct action to defeat his latest nemesis ‘Coronaman’. While health workers and authorities are pulling out all the stops to contain the spread of the virus, in the fictional city Mahanagar, Nagraj has already eradicated it.

Around the end of March, the Indian comics publishing house released a nine-page special issue, Nagraj Strikes: The Attack Of Coronaman, on social media — the issue can be read on Instagram and can also be downloaded as a PDF, in Hindi and English, from their Facebook page. In this issue, Nagraj has been tasked to prevent the character Coronaman from infecting people with Covid-19.

Father-son duo Manoj Gupta (president, Raj Comics) and Ayush Gupta (brand manager for the comics publishing house) have conceptualised the story. The idea came about when their social media and WhatsApp feeds were flooded with messages about Covid-19.



So a foreign publisher has decided to tackle the issue. Which in its own way, is flattering, but leaves the following question: what about U.S. publishers? Are they going to do something similar to address an important, global, health-based issue? And if they do, can they avoid pinning the blame on Donald Trump as many leftists in the medium seem prone to do? We’ll certainly see a few years down the road, I’m sure, whether they’re willing to give it some focus without bias, but, if past history says anything, chances of approaching it honestly are low, alas.


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Avi Green

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