In Spite of My Issue With Cates, I’m Excited for Absolute Carnage

Over the weekend, Chicago held it’s annual convention, C2E2, and we saw a lot come out of it as far as introductions, gameplay, and just general fun. 

Perhaps though, there is one thing I am most excited about as far as introductions from this con and that comes, surprisingly enough from Marvel Comics and Don’t Cates. They decided to introduce us to an event coming in August called Absolute Carnage.

Not only did they give us a great introduction and idea of just what to expect from this event, they gave us a great trailer of Donny speaking enthusiastically about what it would entail, who it would entail, and what to expect from the event.

I have had my own personal issues with Donny, but putting those aside, I admit that I’m more than excited to see this event unravel. In my video below a showcase the original trailer, and the tweet surrounding the introduction of Absolute Carnage!

Tristen Just

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