In Ignited #2, the White Men in Uniform Ruin Everything

The latest issue of Ignited plays with time a bit. It opens with a flash-forward to a white policeman interrogating a female Latino teenager, then it jumps back to the present for a bit before flashing back to the school shooting a couple of times to show a couple of more characters getting their super powers. Apparently in this world, the main trigger for getting super powers is a few rounds to the chest. Meanwhile, in the present, ANTIFA shows up and fires paper birds out of a canon to the delight of the student body, but the crusty white male administrator of the school is having none of it. Eventually the police show up. I’ll let you guess their race and gender. 


In the video below, I’ve edited in some clips of Mark Waid describing the series in his own words. As he tells it, Ignited is the story he wants to tell now that he is acting free of corporate oversight. When he initially heard of the project, “I was on it like black on a bowling ball.” This acts as another piece to confirm my pet hypothesis that artists make poor art when removed from the pressures of the marketplace and allowed to make whatever they feel like. 


Would love to get your thoughts on Mark Waid’s Ignited in the comments below.


Get super powers, join Antifa. My review of Ignited #2

Preston Poulter

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