How Many Versions of Captain America is Marvel Comics Planning?


The United States of Captain America #2 will feature a story from Mohale Mashigo and Natacha Bustos, which will introduce a new character dubbed the “Captain America of Harrisburg” named Nichelle Wright. Mashigo described Wright as a “light in a dark time” that wants to “take ownership of her community and space in America.” Bustos added Wright was one of the characters she was most proud to help create, saying she was proud of what she represents and means for her community.


Sound social justice minded enough for you? Get a load of this.



So many questions here.


Is this just a mini-series of random Captain America wanna-bes? I get it. DC and Marvel have mixed and re-invented old characters for a long time, long before this “inclusivity cancel culture” arrived. But seeing this design, and this concept, just proves the big two are creatively bankrupt. X-Men’s Children of the Atom proves this point with just the cover art, as every “new” character was just the old characters, except they’re tokens. On the flip side though, Snowflake and Safespace were at least original. Stupid and brainless, but still original.


If this chick is a vegan, BLM supporting clown, I’m tapping out.  And besides, the jacket is bad enough as far as the costume goes, but I’m not a fan of that one legging look. From a design standpoint, what purpose does it serve? She supposed to be a Flo Jo fan or something?




Comic book industry critic and connoisseur Eric D. July (Young Rippa) says Captain America of Harrisburg may be the most “tokenized” version yet, and if not, he says she’s the goofiest looking one for sure. He’s no fan of the race-swapping angle, and like me he thinks the costume is ridiculous.


They managed to get worse


July thinks this is simply the next tokenized Marvel character, likely pulled out of a hat with random ideas in it. Most Bleeding Fool readers were already anticipating this with the new United States of Captain America comic series (or whatever the heck it’s called).


According to Marvel’s press release:


The United States of Captain America by Christopher Cantwell and Dave Eaglesham will see the introduction of a number of new characters who take the title of Captain America across the country. The series will focus on Captain America’s shield being stolen and the hero – and other versions of Captain America – traveling across the United States in an effort to find it. Along the way, they’ll run into the “Captains,” who take the role of Cap as protector of their own homes and cities. The first issue will feature an all-new, gay Captain America in Aaron Fischer.


The miniseries will also feature the original legacy Captain America aka Steve Rogers, along with others who have truly “held the mantle”, such as Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and, John Walker.




Let’s hope the next one isn’t a transgender non-binary overweight dolphin version of Captain America of the Gulf. Although I could read a Captain America of Florida book, if it was funny and written by Mike Baron.


Is there any chance at all in this lame series (Captain America losing his shield… c’mon man) that we’ll get Kiyoshi Morales formerly of the Captain America Corps? That certainly ticks an inclusivity box doesn’t it? Maybe by the end of this Steve Rogers will finally get a decent series that just tells fun stories and he fights the usual villains. Getting tired of the “woke” comics.



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