Hope: Executive Editor Mark Doyle Put in Charge of IDW’s Original Content

Is IDW Comics about to overcome their recent track record of financial struggles? This could be very good news. On Wednesday, IDW Media Holdings announced they had added three new hires in two different divisions: one to IDW Publishing and two to IDW Entertainment.


According to ICV2:


On the IDW Publishing side, Mark Doyle was appointed to the position of Editorial Director of Originals. Doyle served the Executive Editor for DC Comics for 14 years, but was let go during the recent DC mass staff reduction in 2020. DC’s loss seems to be IDWP’s gain, and in his new role, Doyle will be responsible for acquiring and developing original materials for comic books and GNs. He will also direct brand strategy for the Publishing team and lead editorial strategy for the division’s original content portfolio.    



Doyle will be responsible for acquiring and developing original materials for comic books and graphic novels. He will also help to drive the publishing team’s original content by directing the strategic brand positioning and leading the editorial strategy of its portfolio. IDW has been mostly known for licensed material, including Marvel, Star Wars, and Hasbro. Their original content has been slim and mostly unremarkable.


“I’ve been making comics for more than 14 years and have always been an avid IDW fan,” said Doyle, Editorial Director of Originals, IDWP. “My passion has always been working with talent and telling original stories, so I’m excited to be a part of this growing team. I know we’re going to make great things together.”


But serving 14 years as DC Comics’ Executive Editor isn’t necessarily a guarantee of success. Prior to his time at DC, he was a Development Assistant at ABC News. Still, there’s little doubt he will affect some change at the struggling publisher. As the comics industry appears to be in recruiting mode, I think we expect even more moves as people prepare to lighten up pandemic era. DC’s loss is IDW’s gain. Let’s hope they let Doyle do his thing and create great stories in books that sell, not simply tick off the approved politically correct content his previous employer and many other publishers have been pandering to.


One time Bleeding Fool contributor Wes Daugherity and Joe Corallo of Thinking Critical are encouraged by this announcement also had the following to say. They even offer a few recommendations at IDW:


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