Has Titan Just Pushed the Reset on Robotech?

I’ve been a big fan of the Titan Comics series, Robotech, and recommend you pick up the trade paperback “Lisa’s Report”.

Recently, Titan Comics released their latest issue, Robotech #20, and for Free Comic Book Day they released Robotech: Event Horizon #0 which I feel both push the reset button on the series. In these two issues, we now see the series writers indicating a very different direction for the issues to come. No longer will we be sticking fairly close to the events of the Robotech series. Now we are seeing an entirely new timeline constructed right before our eyes. What happens next, I have no idea. Which might be a good thing, but, if you were tuning into the comic for nostalgia, you may find this radical departure upsetting. 

That being said, I felt the wrapping up of past storylines in issue 20 was far too hurried. They could have given the topics of the defeat of the Zentradi Armada and Lisa’s affection of Rick Hunter the time it deserves. Instead, both plot lines get dispensed over the course of four pages. 

Titan Comics hits the Robotech reset button in Issue #20 and Free Comic Book Day, Event Horizon #0

Preston Poulter

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