‘Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass’ Smashes the ‘Wokeness Quotient’

DC Comics seeks to pander to the young woke millennials in their new offering, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass. Hitting shelves in September, the comic book from writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Steve Pugh features a teenage Harley Quinn (which changes the characters original backstory) in league with a young, a now black, Poison Ivy.


The two are characters, who are most likely in a lesbian relationship if we follow their recent character history, are being cared for by a drag queen. By all is not going well for the happy trio, for the evil King Corporation is buying out run down properties and replacing them with new, higher rent, ones. While increasing the value of real estate in the neighborhood, this process, called gentrification by the comic, spells trouble for our trio who can not afford the new higher rents.


What will these three extraordinary youths do? Move to a cheaper rent area? Gain employment and go in on one of the new digs? Or maybe just attack the King Corporation and show them that the rewards of Capitalism are death!


Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass pushes woke boundaries to new levels

Preston Poulter

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