Grant Morrison Says He Wanted to Convert Hal Jordan to ‘Pansexual’


According to this information from ComicBook, one of the worst writers from the UK wanted to change Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan into yet another representative for political correctness and LGBT-influenced ideology:


No one ever accused Grant Morrison of running out of ideas or not thinking one through all the way and the writer has overturned a major stone on something they had planned in the pages of their Green Lantern run that didn’t come to pass. As noticed by Bleeding Cool, Morrison’s latest newsletter/annotations of The Green Lantern Season Two offered their feelings on Hal Jordan’s sexuality with the writer adding: “Nurse Leylo Olaqua was introduced in Season 1 #2 but here we learn she and Jordan have romantic history. I wanted to suggest that a boho Lothario like Hal Jordan with a whole universe of worlds at his disposal would tend towards a pansexual persuasion…”

Continuing that thought, Morrison added that this would have been explored in the series had the poor sales and planned 5G event (itself cancelled later by DC) didn’t force the series into a shorter run. They added: “This was one of a few stories I had planned from the outset for a potential Season 2 and as the title suggests it started as a vague Assault on Precinct 13 riff. Arriving here felt like a major milestone on the way to getting through what now felt more like a war of attrition, what with disappointing sales and a shocking lack of serious engagement from the general comics readership.”


It’s certainly miraculous this didn’t come to pass, considering there’s established characters like Golden Ager Alan Scott who have fallen victim to homosexuality retcons already, along with Iceman from X-Men. Additionally amazing is that sales for Morrison’s series tanked. That certainly does give an important clue he’s not as well regarded or accepted as the PC crowd wants all to think. Let’s also consider Tom Taylor’s Son of Kal-El spinoff from Superman isn’t faring well in sales either, and he sure hasn’t provided any concrete figures.



Come to think of it, have Morrison’s runs on mainstream comics ever seen sky high sales? Probably not, one more reason why the way these overrated scribes are lionized by the MSM is almost hilarious. Even without all that sensationalized trash Morrison suggested doing, Hal Jordan deserves far better writing than he’s had for nearly 34 years. I’ve said it before, and will again – it’s terrible how a character who’d once fared well in storytelling has been subject to so much political correctness since the dawn of the 1990s, and never really recovered as a result.

Update: since we’re on the subject though, ComicBook’s also reported Archie Comics is introducing 2 more characters who appear to be intentionally characterized along the lines Morrison was proposing:


In addition to having its comic book characters meet their counterparts from the TV series Riverdale this month, Archie Comics will introduce two new characters to its cast of Riverdale teenagers this summer. Teen business mogul Eliza Han and software tech genius Stacy Banks will debut in two new Archie’s one-shot specials hitting comic shops this summer. Archie describes Eliza Han as “a bi-racial pansexual teen with a remarkable back story as the brains behind a major corporation.”

This Eliza Han update has ‘Tee Franklin’ written all over it

She’ll make her first appearance in June’s Archie & Friends: Summer Lovin’ one-shot. Eliza arrives in Riverdale ready to spend time with love interest Harper, Veronica’s cousin. But there’s a problem: Reggie thought this was his chance to rekindle his and Harper’s romance. Tee Franklin (Bingo Love) writes the story, with Dan Parent’s artwork. It will be the first story to show that Harper Lodge is bisexual.


Yup, they’re still at it, shoving politically motivated wokeness into their comics, making them unsuitable for the children they no longer want as an audience. How much of an audience do they even still have at this point? This is so obviously politically driven, it’s not funny.


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