‘Frank Miller Presents’ to Publish Surprise $1 Preview Comic this Month


Frank Miller Presents (FMP), the new publishing imprint created and curated by the titular comic book legend, will publish its first title to specialty comic book stores served by Diamond Comic Distributors on Wednesday, August 17 in what FMP calls a “surprise drop.”


The original 32-page Ashcan Edition comic book features two stories: Frank Miller’s Ronin Book II by Miller, Philip Tan, and Daniel Henriques, and Ancient Enemies by FMP publisher Dan DiDio along with Danilo Beyruth and Alex Sinclair. The special comic will also feature sneak previews of other upcoming FMP titles.


The FMP Ashcan Edition will have a suggested retail price of $1 to readers and collectors but will be sent to comic book retailers free of charge as an introduction to the new publisher.


The 10-page Ronin Book II story recaps Miller’s original Ronin series published by DC in 1983 prior to The Dark Knight Returns and catches up with Casey McKenna as she “travels across the ravaged landscape of America in search of the new Ronin.”


The 17-page Ancient Enemies story is a prequel to the upcoming series, which is about a “thousand-year-old galactic war before the primary combatants arrived on Earth and threatened all existence.”


via GamesRadar

Todd Fisher

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