Farewell to Dan DiDio From One Disappointed DC Comics Fan


Dan Didio, the now former co-publisher of DC Comics,  is certainly a man of controversy when it comes to the topic of comics, especially DC Comics. So when news came out last Friday of him leaving DC Comics, many DC customers and fans rejoiced. Many others were upset, which is to be expected when things like this happen. Many of the current DC Comics creators have given no response of him leaving, while other creators have been giving Dan Didio supportive comments.


So what will be the rifts and revelations that will come out of this?

The questions that remain are who will be taking over, and what direction DC Comics will take after Dan Didio’s leaving. With the rifts which will allow for openings for new or even old people who were well accepted at DC Comics, with the closing rifts it will set in affect certain creators may be kept out, maybe even having certain creators put to a litmus test, or other projects to let them stretch themselves, such as the Black Label and Elseworld stories.

As for any further revelations of the full details surrounding Dan Didio’s leaving, I would give it between three months, to up to a year and a half or so before we learn all the negatives and the positive results regarding Dan Didio’s firing. I actually think it might be less than 3 months.


Dan Didio’s infamous “Hit List” of Legacy characters he wanted to kill off


Stepping Out Sideways

As a fan of the character Derek James who was called Sideways, this is one character that Dan Didio created recently that I actually enjoyed. If this series came out bi-weekly and made it to 50 issues, I could have been more sympathetic towards wanting Dan Didio to stay on. But for me, Dan shot himself in the foot when he stopped the Sideways run too soon. In turn, this customer was already disappointed and displeased with Dan DiDio. I mean, he took the time to create, and write a story that even I enjoyed following, but he wasn’t committed to it, which he is just as bad at commitment as he is fond of reboots.


So farewell, Dan Didio, I want to thank you for bringing out the character of Sideways. However, if I’m being transparent, I’ve actually met some customers and fans who weren’t too fond of the character of Sideways because your name was on it. In the end, I can only wish you well on your future endeavors outside of DC Comics.



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