Fantastic Four: World’s Weakest Return Jan 8


Last August, the Fantastic Four topped the comic bestseller charts with their critically-acclaimed(?) return to the Marvel Universe, becoming one of the industry’s top-selling books of the 2018. Nevermind that they published over 70+ variant covers for the book (you read that right), which moved 369,000 issues to comic shops. You can still grab copies of that first printing for only a $1.00 on eBay. Marvel PR says that critics supposedly have praised the new adventures of Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben, and because of that response, this January, Marvel is pushing what they’ve dubbed FANTASTIC FOUR: WORLD’S GREATEST WEEK and are kicking it off with a livestream event on, January 8.

Running from January 8–16, FANTASTIC FOUR: WORLD’S GREATEST WEEK will offer fans a preview of what’s next for Marvel’s First Family – with special episodes of shows like This Week in Marvel and Earth’s Mightiest Show, exclusive video interviews, Fantastic Four trivia, curated reading lists, delicious themed recipes, ad nauseam. Marvel fans will also have a chance to order limited-edition Fantastic Four apparel in January to celebrate their favorite characters. I know what you’re thinking, did Ike Perlmutter actually approve this?


Marvel will also be celebrating over 50 years of the Fantastic Four with special variant covers showcasing the team’s most memorable antiheroes! Marcos Martin, Adi Granov, Marko Djurdjevic, and more artists will create even more variant covers for over 20 select titles at your favorite comic shops this December. And on January 16, as the culmination of FANTASTIC FOUR: WORLD’S GREATEST WEEK, Marvel will be releasing the first of four all-new mystery variants, starting with “The Herald of Doom” storyline in Fantastic Four #6 by Dan Slott and Aaron Kuder. Did they mention there would be variant covers galore!?

Whether you’re being introduced to the Super Hero family for the first time or re-living their iconic adventures, or you’re simply a Marvel Comics completist, the publisher hopes that you won’t miss a week of nonstop FF festivities. So if you have no life, be sure to tune in to’s live stream on January 8 to kick off FANTASTIC FOUR: WORLD’S GREATEST WEEK!

Mandy Parker

From a long line, family of geeks, author of several unpublished geek girl books, writer for @BleedingFool. Recovering Game of Thrones fan, life-time Tolkien fan.