Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Says He’s Writing His Own Comic Book


Bruce Campbell may be done with his role as Ash Williams in The Evil Dead, but the renowned character actor still has a number of projects in the works, including being a producer on the upcoming Evil Dead Rise.


Campbell said during a podcast interview with Bloody Disgusting that, in addition to forthcoming acting jobs, the first of which was his recent horror-comedy Black Friday, he has also been working on a comic book series for one of the major comic book companies.


“I’m writing a comic book for a major comic book company right now,” Bruce Campbell said while discussing his writing process. “And it’s six issues that you’ve gotta plot out. And I cannot just sit there with a pen in my mouth… looking at a blank page… I want to figure it out scene by scene and know where the story’s going.”

He continued, “Cause I can actually step back from that board and look at the entire story and go, ‘Hmm, that first part’s a little lopsided… ohh that middle’s a little fat over there.’ So you can get to it before you even write a word. It still may suck, granted, but I like going in with some kind of discipline. I’ll start early in the morning and by noon my brain is leaking out through my nose and it’s time to cut the grass or go swimming or something physical.”


 Campbell has a sizable fan following that would likely respond well to this comic, potentially making it a smash hit in the same vein as his film and television career over the previous four decades.


My only question now is, Marvel or DC? My bet is that it’s neither, but more likely Dark Horse or another notable indie imprint.

Chris Braly

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