Dynamite’s 15th Anniversary Deal Has Exclusive Army of Darkness!

Happy 15th anniversary to Dynamite Comics! They’re celebrating the momentous occasion with a huge bundle of comics with their latest Humble Bundle offering. There’s only two days left to pick up Vampirella in Make Up To Break Up, John Wick Vol. 1, Neil Gaiman’s The Last Temptation, The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross, Nancy Drew #1, and much more for just a dollar in digital format!


Its definitely a mega-gigantic Humble Bundle. Add it all up, and you can get almost 350 issues and 12,000 pages of comic books & more for under $20. That’s a deal! Check out all the tiers and make sure to sneak in your purchase before it ends soon!

Don’t miss out on the Dynamite 15th Anniversary Bundle!


Your friends at Dynamite also want to show you this sweet Army of Darkness story. It’s written by Scott Duvall, who Ash Williams fans may remember from Army of Darkness / Bubba Ho-Tep. The art is masterfully handled by Edu Menna and Jordan Michael Johnson, with colors and letters by Salvatore Aiala and Taylor Esposito. Fitting for a Humble Bundle stuffed full of great books, Ash is on a book tour. But he has bad experiences with a certain book…


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