Doug Moench’s Aztec Ace Getting Full Collected Edition


37 years ago, in 1984, Doug Moench (legendary Batman and Master of Kung Fu scribe, and creator of Moon Knight) created and wrote the first of a fifteen issue series for Eclipse Comics.  This series soon became the wildest, most incredible time travel story ever told in comics (or anywhere else, for that matter)!  This was also made possible by the talented group of artists who joined Moench on his time-travel journey, which included: Michael Hernandez, Dan Day, Nestor Redondo, Ron Harris, Mike Gustovich, Mike Harris, Art Nichols, Thomas Yeates, Tim Sale, Mark Pacella, Phillip DeWalt, Denis McFarling, Steve Oliffe, and Sam Parson.



This new collection boasts new AZTEC ACE pin-ups by an amazing group of comic book superstars, including: Matt Kindt, Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Pope, Jeff Lemire, and many more!  There is also a brand new introduction by Doug Moench, a new foreword by original series editor Cat Yronwode, a new essay about comic book design and coloring in the 1980s by original series colorist Denis McFarling, and a new afterword by journalist (and original Eclipse Comics staffer) David Allen.



Now, for the first time ever, all fifteen issues of the AZTEC ACE series are being collected into a hard cover collection that any serious comics collector MUST have on their shelf.  Below are a few preview images from the collection. You can grab a copy here

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