Double Story Spotlight: Superman & Savage Dragon

Well it’s Easter and, while I don’t have anything Easter themed planed, I will give you guys a double dip videos today. Both videos are of the same Comic Crossover pairing, but done with different creative teams and different locations pairing up Superman and Savage Dragon!


The first crossover is set in Metropolis! After Superman ends up in a situation similar to Dragon’s origins, Dragon comes to Metropolis to find out what’s what. After a bunch of shenanigans, the two end up on Apokolips! How they get there? Well you’ll have to see.


Now keep in mind, we go into this story with Superman and Savage already knowing each other…that’s because their first meeting is set in the past! To see how that went, check out the next video by scrolling down.


Story Spotlight: Superman/Savage Dragon: Metropolis


In the second part of my Easter double video! We see how Superman and Savage Dragon first met! (Keep in mind I’m going in release order which is why this is second). I have no idea why they were published in this order!


Written and drawn by Dragon’s Creator Erik Larsen, this is set during Superman’s late 80’s early 90’s (Pre-Lex clone post Engagement) when someone breaks out a bunch of Superman’s foes and bring them to Chicago.


Superman follows and is told to team up with Savage, who is none to happy about this arrangement (and he doesn’t shut up about it either) As…well…Hi-jinks ensue! Also, Lex gets involved with one of Dragon’s enemies’ Armor. Yeah this story is all over the place but it’s still a fun action romp. Come see what I mean.


Story Spotlight: Superman/Savage Dragon: Chicago


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