Denny O’Neil Comic Book Materials Sell for Over $33K at Auction

Tools of the trade and books once belonging to legendary comic writer Dennis O’Neil are headed to new homes.

O’Neil, the longtime Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow scribe, passed away in 2020, and many of his belongings were auctioned off by Metropolis Collectibles via on March 2. The 31 lots in total sold for just over $33,000 (before 15% buyers’ premium).


Many of the lots, 18 in all, were custom-bound volumes of O’Neil’s work. One volume containing the very rare Canceled Comic Cavalcade, a nearly 1000-page omnibus DC rushed out in ’78 to secure copyright on canceled titles, sold for a whopping $11,000. The previous known record for a copy of Canceled Comic Cavalcade (by itself) was $3860.

Another bound volume of O’Neil’s work on The Question sold for a staggering $5000, buoyed by the fact that it contained O’Neil’s handwritten notes on the book.

Some of O’Neil’s personal items also went up on the auction block. His typewriter (and Batman mouse pad) sold for $430, while his desk went for $2766.



via GamesRadar

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