December 2017 Comic Book Solicitations Are Online

by Chris Braly
Local comic shoppers, tighten up your pull-lists. Early birds, prepare to place your pre-orders. The December comic book solicitations are now online and in comics shops via Previews catalogue. Don’t want to wait till you get to the LCS? Check out the links for all of the major and indie publishers solicitation pages below so you know what’s coming in December 2017 and beyond and can pre-order your books now. Your LCS will love you for it and they may give you a discount!


+ 451 Media Group
+ Aardvark Vanaheim Comics
+ AC Comics
+ Action Lab Entertainment
+ Action Lab Danger Zone
+ Aftershock Comics
+ Amigo Comics
+ Archie Comics
+ Aspen Comics
+ Avatar Press
+ Blackbox Comics
+ Bongo Comics
+ BOOM! Studios
+ Chapterhouse Comics
+ Dark Horse Comics
+ DC Comics
+ Devils Due/1First Comics
+ Dynamite Entertainment
+ IDW Publishing
+ Image Comics
+ Marvel Comics
+ ONI Press
+ Red 5 Comics
+ Space Goat Publishing
+ Titan Comics
+ Valiant Entertainment

So what’s going into your shopping cart? Or on your pull-list? There is also a Free PDF version of Previews posted online here.


Thanks to the following sites:
Previews World
Comic Cavalcade (

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