DC’s ‘The Silencer’ is Officially Silenced: Issue #18 Ends the Comic

The Silencer, which held on while other new DC Comics in the New Age of Heroes line has officially ended on June 26. Silencer is the final book from DC’s New Age of Heroes to be cut and joins fellow Age of Heroes books Sideways, The Immortal Men, The Curse of the Brimstone and Damage, which ended back in April on issue #16.


I think DC’s New Age Of Heroes introduced us to some great characters, and some not so great characters, as well as using some under-appreciated characters. I believe The Silencer was one of the best ones that were introduced. Yes, it only lasted 18 issues, but during that time we learned about a new hero and a solid supporting cast. As the series took us deep into the assassin underworld it also made us care about Honor and her family.


So did the final issue provide a good ending? Watch this video and find out!


The Silencer Has Been Silenced (Issue #18) Final Issue

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