DC’s Green Lantern Writer Confirms John Stewart Comic Series in the Works

Thanks to the “Dawn of DC” initiative, fans are especially excited to see what the future holds for DC’s heroes and villains.


The year-long publishing initiative is bringing some long-anticipated new stories back into the comics, the second wave of which was announced by DC on Wednesday.



In addition to the first details surrounding new Titans and Cyborg comic book series, it was revealed that Jeremy Adams and Xermánico will be working on a Hal Jordan-centric Green Lantern series that launches in May, with a John Stewart-focused backup from Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Osvaldo Montos.


Previous updates had indicated that the Green Lanterns’ story would be told in two series — a Mariko Tamaki-helmed Green Lantern: Hal Jordan series, and Johnson’s Green Lantern: John Stewart series — leading some to believe that the two books were reworked into a single Green Lantern series.



In a tweet on Wednesday, Johnson confirmed that that’s not the case, and that the Green Lantern backups will lead into a Green Lantern: John Stewart comics series later in the year.


“Jumping on to correct a misconception that sprang up today: the upcoming Hal Jordan-focused Green Lantern series WILL feature a John Stewart backup story, but the backup is a PRELUDE to our John Stewart-focused series later this year,” Johnson’s tweet reads. “I’m writing the backups and the full series.”


Many readers seemed pleased that Mariko Tamaki would NOT be on the book any longer.

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