DC Comics Teases LGBTQ Crowd with Gay Moment for Batman


Rebel News warns that something we could probably have predicted already would happen is taking place in the Batman books:


With characters like Harley Quinn and Robin coming out as bisexual, DC Comics has been attempting to provide more representation for the LGBT community in their comics lately. And now, fans suspect that Bruce Wayne may be the latest character to come out in the new Batman comic.

According to Yahoo! News, Issue #5 of Batman: The Night by Chip Zdarsky, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Ivan Plascencia, and Pat Brosseau, a scene takes place during which Bruce Wayne, after a failed mission, leans in for a kiss with his fellow trainee Anton but is “interrupted by Avery Oblonsky, the ex-KGB agent training them.”

[…] Screen Rant also points out that this moment arises after “flirty interactions between the Dark Knight and John Constantine in last week’s Batman: Urban Legends,” further making the case for fans’ speculations.



Well I knew Zdarsky was already proving himself a most extremely pretentious [left-wing] scriptwriter, and this is clearly an example of his desire to virtue-signal, along with leaving his SJW mark on one of the most prominent DC properties. But the fans alluded to? Those who gush and/or act as apologists for this stunt are not “fans.” And whether or not it happens in this story, it’s the writer, Zdarsky, who’s making changes, not the character “coming out”.


And all this coming shortly after the new movie starring Robert Pattinson came out, just to show how badly DC’s editors, led as they are by Marie Javins, want to embarrass the property as badly as they are now with their woke themes. Anybody who’s truly a Bat-fan should distance themselves from DC with the way they’re going now, just as Super-fans should too, after they foisted the same themes upon the recently created Jon Kent. This virtue signaling is not how to market entertainment.




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Avi Green

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