DC Comics Presents Superman & Santa Claus: Review

DC Comics is synonymous with darkness these days. One can find no hope in their heroes’ PTSD or crumbling family lives. As a result, many like myself have turned to Manga or Indiegogo campaigns instead. But as great as those titles are, there’s just no substitute for the heroes we grew up with. Luckily, those heroes still exist in decades worth of back issues. So I’ve been revisiting old favorites lately and hunting down old titles I’d missed or that were before my time. In the spirit of the holiday season, I’ve decided to share some of these great issues that might remind readers of that yesteryear comic joy.


DC Comics Presents was Superman’s team-up title that ran from 1978 to 1986. This Bronze Age Superman is iconic in every way, and appears in stories penned by greats such as Len Wein and Paul Levitz and drawn by such masters as Curt Swan and Jim Starlin. Honestly any issue of this title is worth a classic DC Comics fan’s time, but for the holiday season, I could review no other than DC Comics Presents #67: Superman and Santa Claus.

Review of Superman and Santa Claus: DC Comics Presents #67

Michael Critzer

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