DC Comics Female Furies #2 is Sadly More SJW Garbage…

I love stories about the Fourth World and I truly love Jack Kirby’s creation, from Darkseid to The New God’s, it was amazing!


This is not. It is just more from DC Comics pushing a weird narrative that most fans don’t want to receive. 


The most unfortunate thing about this comic is we see that the author, Cecil Castellucci, actually has a solid understanding of the Fourth World and it’s creation, but she blatantly ignores it when she shoehorns in these politics. 


This is a continuation from Female Furies #1, which I reviewed prior to this video, and it unfortunately continues with the same themes; sexual assault, politics, and blatant leftist culture. 

In my video below, I break down the entire comic, along with the themes involved, but be forewarned there is talk of rape, sexual assault, and more.



DC Comics | Female Furies #2 | SJW Rapey Garbage

Tristen Just

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