Daughter of Batman & Catwoman Makes Her Debut as the Batwoman

Spoilers ahoy for Batman/Catwoman #3!

Batman and Catwoman’s daughter Helena Wayne finally makes her long-awaited debut as the new Batwoman in the pages of Tom King’s Batman/Catwoman comic book via ComicBook.


Batman/Catwoman #3 helps further interweave the three timelines that King’s story covers: we learn about a twisted sort of unholy alliance formed in the early days of Batman and Catwoman’s respective careers; we see the threat of Phantasm arrive on Catwoman’s doorstep; and in the near future, we see a new rivalry take shape between the elderly Selina Kyle and her daughter. In the process, we get to learn a lot more about what this new version of Helena Wayne is all about.


The question on every fan of the Batwoman TV series on The CW must be “but will she be sufficiently gay enough?!?”


Batman/Catwoman is now on sale from DC Comics.

Karina Smitt

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