Dark Horse Publishes More Usagi Yojimbo After IDW Gets License

Dark Horse has lost a lot of valuable property licenses over the past few years including Star Wars, Conan, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then, one year ago, Stan Sakai has announced that Usagi Yojimbo was moving to IDW with an all-new monthly. The rabbit ronin had been published by Mirage Comics and Fantagraphics (who continue to keep the first seven volumes of Usagi Yojimnbo in print), before settling down for decades with Dark Horse beginning in 1995; making it one of the longest published properties there.

Now, Dark Horse Books will reunite with the samurai rabbit when they present the legacy of Stan Sakai’s magnum opus in Usagi Yojimbo: 35 Years of Covers. Honoring the 35th anniversary of Sakai’s award-winning series Usagi Yojimbo, this deluxe hardcover art collection includes over 300 pages of cover pieces illustrated by Stan Sakai in a compendium of Stan’s greatest covers. 


Usagi Yojimbo: 35 Years of Covers goes on sale November 13, 2019, and is available for pre-order  at your local comic shop. If that isn’t enough to satiate your Usagi Yojimbo cravings, be sure to pick up Usagi Yojimbo Volume 33: The Hidden, available July 7, 2019 at your local comic shop.


Chris Braly

Chris Braly

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