Crowdfunding Comics Spotlight: Sword of Justice


The Sword of Justice #V2 is the latest installment of the fantasy adventure comics created by Silvio Spotti. The Sword of Justice tells the adventures of Brenna and her teammates and was a three-issue miniseries published by Top Secret Press. Now they’re working on volume 2 with another miniseries continuing the adventures. John Daniel Taylor IV of Top Secret Press has been a publisher of indie comics for over a decade, and helped Silvio Spotti launch and crowdfund the series.


Spotti has done work for several well known publishers, handling art chores on Wynonna Earp for IDW, as well as Stargate, and Robocop, and even Lady Death for Avatar Press. He’s also done some work for Disney and provided work for Green Lantern, Teen Titans and Scooby Doo for DC Comics and after 20 years, he is still going.


His latest Kickstarter for the series is winding up this week, so I thought an interview was in order.



Chris Braly: Tell me about your latest volume of Sword of Justice! What’s it about, in a nutshell?
Silvio Spotti:  It’s a world full of violence, hate and pestilence only the sword is the solution… a sword of justice! In the future, horrific changes have almost destroyed Earth, and life on the planet has suffered cruelly at the hands of nature. Humans, animals, and plants all fight for the basics to survive. As this was beginning to happen, the privileged elite saw this and made plans. They established a Moon Colony, gathered what was needed, and left, leaving behind a ravaged Earth.

As time passed, the Earth healed. As did humanity, but humanity regressed. Men split into tribes, all learning & technology was forgotten. Ignorance prevailed as a second Dark Age began. Then one day, from the sky, gods descended. These ‘gods’ were descendants of the Moon Colony, and they needed provisions. They established regions bursting with life and controlled it with the appointment of Priests and Priestesses. Combining ignorance and religion, these false gods ruled for many years. However, cracks began to show. Slavery and death became the norm. Who will save the world..? Join Brenna , Muriel and Tanet in an adventure to restore the post-apocalyptic earth to its former glory.



CB: When did you come up with the idea for this comic, and what led to you deciding to crowdfund it?
SS:  I had the initial idea back in 1996. In 2019 made 10 pages of Sword of Justice as an homage to the 90’s comic book era. Eventually I was invited by Top Secret Press to do a Kickstarter and here we are.




CB: What kind of comic readers do you expect this series will entertain the most?
SS:   All kinds of readers that like an adventure and action packed comic book. Just like they must be… Pure Entertainment.


CB: Let’s get into the creative and production side a little. Are you using the same team as the first volume?
SS: Yes it is the same team. Me: Writing and doing the art and lettering. Color by Veronica R. Lopez and Alternate covers by Rafael Lanhelas, but This time the color on Rafael’s cover is by Alex Guimarães (Boom Studios Dune, DC and Marvel.)



CB: How do you like to create these comics? What is your process?
SS:  I work in a Marvel way. At least what they used to call Marvel Method. I have a script and work the art. and then I will write the dialogue.


CB: What are your plans beyond this book? Are there more stories to tell in this universe?
SS:  Yes, there are many more stories to tell. I also have some horror books that I want to eventually develop, something like what you’d find in Underworld or The Witcher.



CB: Very cool. Thanks for chatting with us again, Silvio! I hope the Kickstarter finishes strong this week.
SS:  Thank you so much guys, the pleasure is always mine.


Visit the Kickstarter page here, or check out volume one in the series here!



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