Crowdfund Comics Reviews: Cyberfrog Amphibionix Remastered

Hey, better late than never. Yes my friends, I finally got the second ashcan book for Cyberfrog and, as promised, so I shall review it! AMPHIBIONIX is a newly colored reprint of a CYBERFROG story from the 90’s. So we’re looking at early days Cyberfrog …and well, boy is this one all over the place.


Don’t hear me saying that’s a bad thing, because what we get is an insanely fun adventure filled with bears, nuns, chainsaws, and fried Chicken! Like I said, insane!



There’s not much else to go over here except that it does have some weird moments looking back at old designs. Salamandroid looks completely different from how he does now, and Heather looks like a much younger teen (She’s still in high school here) as opposed to the young woman she was drawn as in the flashback parts of Bloodhoney.


Check out my video below as we peer into Cyberfrog’s past and see some of Ethan’s early indie days!


Comics Reviews: Cyberfrog: Amphibionix

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