Crowdfund Comic Reviews: Kamen America: Volume 2: Founding Fighters! (Spoilers)


Okay! I’m all caught up with my stack of crowdfund comics! Hope you caught that montage of micro reviews. Now I want to discuss my latest crowdfunded comic acquisition, the newest volume of Kamen America and the continuing the adventures in the universe set up by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini with Wall-Might and Black HOPS!



Following the events of Black Hops Volume 3, Misha has joined up with Carley and has taken the name Kamen Comet! They’ve been dealing with monsters left and right and…have shown very little for it. People don’t care or respect them. And this shows something that Carley has had to deal with all her life. A lack of recognition! (Not fame/Glory, but acknowledgement!) Things get worse when her old Media Relationship boos, Mr. Lansky, not only talks trash about Carley and her team, but introduces a rival for her! Kamen UN! Who just so happens to be Carley’s real life High School Rival, Sylvia!



With the ever mounting pressure of trying to save the day and get nothing to show for it, and now having everyone bad mouth her when talking about Kamen UN, it starts to take a toll on Carley…not that she hasn’t developed her own faults before hand anyway. Even before Kamen UN, Carley was becoming so self-absorbed with trying to improve their brand and create new cloths that she lets some important hings pass her by…one of which calls back to the prior volume and devastates her!



At the same time we’re introduced to a new hero and member of the team. Kamen Ramen! Readers may remember that explosion at the end of the first volume? That was her! You Kimiko is a Japanese girl who has a lot of energy, dreams, ambition, etc etc. A great addition to the team!




We’re also introduced to the creator of the monsters the team has been fighting for a while. Vermilion Masquerade and…she is a VERY interesting villain! She has standards and yet we don’t understand what her motives are.



Overall this story was VERY well told, great on the action…and an even more prominence on Fan Service without being gratuitous! Tim Lim still knocks it out of the park with his artwork and Mark Pellegrini writers excellent characters that are anything but flat characters (Lansky comes close but he’s an asshole anyway lol) Whenever it’s available on their website, get a copy of your own! As always it’s a must read!


Crowdfunded Comic Reviews: Kamen America: Volume 2: Founding Fighters! (Spoiler Review)

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