Creator Spotlight: Tom King!

Well guys, I think it’s time I talk about Tom King. Mr. King is one of the more recent writers in this series, but also one that, apparently, may be an acquired taste. From his work on The Vision at Marvel Comics, to his acclaimed stint on Grayson: Super Spy, and including his Mister Miracle, Batman, and the currentrun he’s on, Heroes in Crisis. People either love his work, or they hate it.

So where do I stand? Well given how my Creator Spotlights are generally about the positives I think it’s obvious. In this edition, we discuss everything he’s done that I own and I’m chatting with a special guest near the end (Spoiler Alert: Tristen aka @Nerdette from Nerdette’s Newstand!) giving her two cents on Tom as well!

So stick around and enjoy some comic talk, ya’ll!

Creator Spotlight: Tom King!

Robert Willing

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