Creator Spotlight: Gail Simone!

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I thought we’d discuss one of the most outspoken creators in comics, Gail Simone…a name decisive to many, adored to others. A woman who has, in many peoples eyes, been at the fore front of many harsh and heinous actions on social media…but we’re not here to talk about that! I want to celebrate Gail!

We are here to talk about her comic work and, especially, her EARLY work before things have, to many, gone off the rails. Because, this may come as a shock to many…Gail HAS been a very good writer! Has she been the most incredible writer of all time? No, but her work has still been enjoyable at the very least. So today I’m going to be going over all that I’ve personally enjoyed form the woman as I put a spotlight on her work, the high points and a few of her mediocre points.

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Creator Spotlight: Gail Simone!

Robert Willing

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