Comics Rant: The Comics Community Isn’t So Fun Anymore (With Unholyspork)

Lately, when I look around the comics community, I don’t see the same fun like I used to see. Back when the Twitter comics community (not just ComicsGate) took off a few years ago, it felt like a safe haven to meet others who loved comics and shoot the shit, to have fun and talk about what we loved about comics and what they meant to us. This was even more emphasized as Marvel Comics (and to a lesser extent DC Comics) started to REALLY churn out terrible products. We comic book fans needed a place to talk about how things used to be and how they could be that way again.


But lately that’s all gone away. It feels like so many people these days in the community don’t want to talk about comics anymore. They just want to talk about the drama in the industry, or internal drama, or they want to promote upcoming crowdfunded comics without actually talking about the books themselves! I’ve seen people be completely confused by the very notion of a person continuing to support mainstream comics for no other reason than their devotion to the characters! I’ve personally been called part of the problem when I’ve said I prefer to separate art from artist and I continue to buy books that I’m enjoying! It’s become so difficult to discuss actual comics anymore!


In the video below, Unholyspork and I discuss this current theme and she chimes in with her own two cents on this issue.


I’m just letting off some steam if anyone cares to listen to what I have to say. I would like some feedback, so please comment below. However, I think I’m just doing this for catharsis. I’ve long accepted the fact few people actually care what I have to say, but I’m saying it anyway. To those of you that do watch, I hope you’ll take my words to heart. 


Comics Rants: The Comics Community isn't Fun Anymore (W/Unholyspork)

Robert Willing

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