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Slow City Blues, has been six years in the making. Samuel Haine (creator/writer) saved up $1500 working at a Mexican food restaurant so he could pay someone to draw the first handful of pages. Because of those pages, he was introduced to John Livesay (inks/editor), a staple in the comics industry, who came on as inker and Series Editor. John then put together the art team of: Shawn Moll (pencils), JD Smith (colors) and Thomas Mauer (letters/production) to work on the book. John also went on to introduce Samuel to legendary former Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Jim Shooter (story editor), and Slow City Blues truly began.



Slow City Blues is an ongoing, genre bending series about Detective John Loris, Slow City Blues brings you everything you crave in a comic book: action, adventure, suspense, fantasy, tragedy, and plenty of humor. The story is focuses on Detective John Loris, who gets trapped inside his imagination after accidentally killing a little girl in the line of duty. After trying to take his own life, John instead ends up in Slow City, a construct of his mind’s eye, a place where anything and everything is possible, except a way out. John is both revered and reviled as The Creator, but in Slow City, even God is just another slob. So, he does the only thing he knows how:  Be a cop. But times are changing and the wheels in his mind are in motion. And now, John and his partner, a six foot six, smart-ass skunk, must solve a double homicide and bring the killer to justice before a gang war between the Gorillas of the Devil’s Backbone and the Dragons of the Midnight Syndicate destroys Slow City.



About The Team:
Jim Shooter (Consulting and Story Editor)– The Legendary Marvel Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Valiant Comics.

Samuel Haine (Creator)– He has two feature films currently in development with Buffalo 8 (and a second comic title in the works with multiple NY Times Best Selling author Kirstin Hannah)

Shawn Moll (Pencils)– (DC’s52, WildCats, Outsiders)

JD Smith (Colors)– (Ultimate Spider Man, Witchblade, Fathom) –

Thomas Mauer (Letters)- (4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, The Beauty, Copperhead)

John Livesay (Inks & Finishes)- (Flash, Spiderman, X-Men) 

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