Comic Tells Wild Story of Medal of Honor Recipient ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan


Defense Visual Information Distribution Service has an article about a new digital short story scripted by Chuck Dixon, with art by Andrew Paquette, and colors by Peter Pantazis, that serves as a biography for WW1 and WW2 hero William “Wild Bill” Donovan:


William “Wild Bill” Donovan, the New York National Guardsman and Buffalo lawyer who commanded New York’s 69th Infantry Regiment in World War I and went on to become America’s top spymaster in World War II, is the latest subject in a series of digital comics about Medal of Honor recipients.

The eight page comic, published by the Association of the United States Army, is scripted by noted comics author Chuck Dixon, who has written comic books in the Batman and Punisher series, and provides a quick outline of Donovan’s life.

The comic focuses mainly on an October 14-15 battle near Landres-et-Saint Georges, France in 1918 during which Donovan led the 69th, renamed the 165th Infantry Regiment by the Army, in a bitter struggle to take the main German line during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

The 165th, which was part of the 42nd Infantry Division, known as “The Rainbow Division,” was assigned to join in an assault on the German main defensive line known as the Kriemhilde Stellung.


An interesting thing about Donovan is that he was a Republican supporter in his time, which is why it’s unlikely what we call the mainstream publishing would ever consider a story like this today, no matter how short it could be. Yet that’s exactly why it’s a good thing Dixon’s distanced himself from the mainstream in the past 2 decades, because they wound up treating him like dirt, and are bound to do the same to quite a few leftists, if they haven’t yet, regardless of how kowtowing they can be. Dixon’s work on projects like this are admirable, and just what the medium could use when it comes to history topics.


You can read the comic for free he Association of the United States Army here.



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