Comic Review: Marvel’s The Amazing Mary Jane #1 is … SO Boring!

The Amazing Mary Jane #1 hit comic shops this week and all the previews and early reviews indicated this comic was supposed to be… amazing.


Key word: SUPPOSED to be. This was Mary Jane’s first solo series within continuity to date that I am aware of.


The comic is written by Leah Williams, which made me question buying it the first place.


Note to self, always go with your gut instinct. 


The comic had no real substance, but a whole lot of terrible dialogue. Add in an ample amount of the “I am woman hear me roar” troupe, and this is one you should pass on. Honestly, I can barely formulate a solid thought half the time, and I think I could have done a better job!


In my video below I go through the comic and give my overall review of it, plus a little insight into why I was skeptical of this writer from the outset.



Marvel Comics | The Amazing Mary Jane #1 Review | Holy Boobs & SJW Fan Fiction!

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