Comic Crafters’ Corner – Tinseltown #4


“No Cops Allowed!”

Story: David Lucarelli

Artwork: Henry Ponciano

Lettering: HdE

With events in Tinseltown descending into darker and darker themes,

the mystery is ratcheted up accordingly. If you missed my review of issue #3, click here.

We are left hanging with a suspenseful situation involving Abigails’ friend who has succumbed to the vice filled social life so very common among the citizens of Tinseltown.

Abigail decides that some undercover work is needed to get to the bottom of her friends disappearance.

She seems confident enough in her abilities but we are relieved that she has a friend who she confides in that can watch her back.

We know that there are powerful forces at work in Tinseltown and although we share our heroines outrage, dedication to her profession and stubborness on principle –

we still see that the naive and inexperienced remnants of her past self may yet serve to trip her up.

There is a fine line between confidence and recklessness

and our favorite lady may just be about to learn the difference.


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