Comic Crafters’ Corner: Tinseltown #3


“This Father…This Monster!”

Story: David Lucarelli

Artwork: Henry Ponciano

Lettering: HdE

Hopefully you’ve been following this title. I’m very excited about it so far. If you missed my review of issue #2, check that out here.

After coming to grips with personal  connections to the seedier side of Tinsel Town, our heroine finds herself back on the beat.

Here she finds the more everyday and mundane aspects of daily police life an irritating and sometimes morally ambiguous  line of work to be in.

Positioning herself between a father and his son in what seems to be an overhanded lesson in discipline, she dives in to more personal aspects of the work and patience demanded of police.

By putting her neck on the line, she incurs the wrath of her superior officer, but a kindly benefactor and unseen supporter encourages her to continue her personalized style of detective work. 

Abigail keeps up her regular duties, confronting and dealing with morel civic style emergencies confidently although the circumstances and the regular people involved tend to force her to bend her principles in order to best serve her department and her community.

As events in Tinsel Town spice up, Abigail finds that there are threads of connection with her friends.

The industry itself overlaps her personal and professional life in ways that only further the mysterious business that happens in and around Tinsel Town.

Finding herself with opportunities to engage in some real-time sleuthing, she takes the chance to attend a high end social gathering in order to gain more intimate knowledge of the players and movers in her budding entertainment town.

The situation resolves itself into a question and crisis over the well being of her closest friend and confidant.

She now finds her friend and by extension herself – pulled in to the darker side of Tinseltown.

Abigail and her friends must be careful here… the eyes of the industry heavyweights are everywhere. 

Keep up with this series and check out my review of issue #4 here!

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INSERTS –  Used with permission from David Lucarelli

ALTERNA LOGO – Many thanks to David Swartz

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