Comic Crafters’ Corner – The XII #4 – “Dead End!”

“Dead End!”

Creator – Patrick Trahey

Pencils/Ink/Tones – Luis Suarez

Lettering/Color/Text – Peter Simeti


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In the next installment of The XII, Patrick Trahey provides us our first concrete insights into a so-far mysterious backstory since our man Caleb has been rendered unconscious and overwhelmed in the last episode.






So from Calebs comatose state, we are given a flashback glimpse into a decade old narrative of some

history between our primary characters.







Some curious threads of our story and it’s connection unfolds and we learn an important aspect of just how our fractured family came to be as we have found them in the first place.





By the end of this gripping issue, we have found that although we may be much better informed as to the motivations and personal stories of our familiar characters, what’s actually been accomplished is another rise into a tense preparation for whatever Patrick and Co. have in store for us next.


We shall all wait so very impatiently for the final issue…

until VERY early spring when Patrick Trahey and pals will have a whole raft of other books ready for us. Isn’t that right Patrick?

Right Patrick ?


If you’ve missed this riveting tale so far…

Pick up  all four available issues at your LCS

Get caught up and ready for the final issue

It will be the best $6.00 you’ve spent all week I promise you

You can still grab those issues here. Issue #5 is coming to all the best LCS’s this month! And there is a Kickstarter going on now for the collected trade! Check that out here!


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ALTERNA LOGO CONCEPT – A big Thank You to Dave Swartz.



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